Your Horsemanship is a new online horsemanship programme designed and delivered by Jason, comprising over 100 horse training video lessons with accompanying print guides. It has been created to help riders and horse owners of all ages and abilities to follow a robust, progressive series of exercises from the ground and under saddle to achieve a willing, confident horse. Remedial training for common behavioural problems is also just a mouse click away and in the comfort of your own home.

Jason’s training program has evolved from methods passed down through generations of his family and incorporating his experiences working with thousands of horses and owners over the past twenty years. His mission is to empower riders of all levels and aspirations, from those wanting a safe hack to competition riders excelling in a range of disciplines.

If you would like to be given the tools to enhance you and your horse’s relationship, fix problems, ride with purpose and have fun, check out Your Horsemanship today.