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Our popular training saddles are available to hire or purchase, Jason uses the Australian Stock Saddle for starting young horses and riding remedial horses until they are more established and “safer” to transfer into an English saddle.  The reason for this is the security a stock saddle offers, it very much sits you into your horse and helps to hold you on and keep you in position.  We started selling and hiring saddles at our owners request as they got so much confidence riding in a stock saddle compared to their English saddle which Jason calls the “Easy Exit” saddle!!  Until you have sat in a stock saddle you will not know just how secure they make you feel and if you feel confident and secure you ride better and in return our horses respond to our confidence.

There are various saddles at different prices for sale and hire but to give you an idea, to hire a saddle it is £25 a week or £80 for the month, however the best thing to do is contact our office to find out more:


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