“Safe Tie” Aid and Rope

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To read more about Jason’s ideas around safely tying horses up please click here

Pack Includes – Everything you need to get started!

Carabiner/Double ended Clip
Safe Tie
JW Rope 12’

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This pack includes everything you need to start using your Safe Tie immediately. The JW Rope is made from top quality yachting rope and is the ideal length for tying up less reliable horses.

This is the system Jason Webb uses to tie horses up safely: The Safe-Tie allows horses to pull back without injuring or freeing themselves. At the same time it creates enough resistance to teach the horse to step forward to release halter pressure rather than pulling back.

Jason says…“This is a fantastic aid to teach horses to tie up safely and I use it without fail in all situations on the yard and in the horse box.”

To watch Jason using the safe tie please look at his training website in particular these videos:

How to

How to use the Safe-Tie:
1. Loop the rope and slide it into the tie under the friction bar (bottom hole)

2. Place over the neck of the tie – small hole

3. Fix to caribiner and attach to something solid (i.e not a rail that will pull off) – place the tie up aid ideally at the horses eye height.

4. Adjust Rope to desired length

5. Check resistance – rope should pull slowly through (ideal rope length are 12ft – 20ft but normal lead ropes can be used for less severe cases)

6. Ensure your horse knows how to step forward from halter pressure and leads well before tying up to aid.

7. Do not leave inexperienced horses unattended.


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