With a reputation built through word of mouth, Jason is now a highly sought after horse trainer amongst international riders and studs. From eventing, dressage, showjumping, polo, racing, showing and western disciplines, as well as recreational riders desiring a safe, confident and responsive riding horse, Jason’s skill, patience and deep understanding of horse behaviour has earned him the reputation of one of the UK’s most sought after horse trainers. Jason’s techniques and programs for horse training complement his horsemanship clinics and his online training program, Your Horsemanship, allowing clients to continue to develop their partnership with their horse whatever their aspirations and chosen equestrian disciplines.

Horse Training Services

  • Horse Starting (or breaking in, colt starting)
  • Retraining horses with behavioural problems (mild to severe)
  • Retraining horses with ridden problems (mild to severe)
  • Groundwork Training, including foal handling, stallion handling and liberty training
  • Loading
  • Schooling for all disciplines
  • Rehabilitation and fitness work

Jason and the team welcome over 150 horses a year to Risebridge Farm, Goudhurst, Kent. The main horse training on offer is starting, or breaking-in, young horses and retraining those horses with behavioural and ridden problems with our additional services also proving highly popular. Although the majority of our work is done at Risebridge Farm, Jason can also travel to train horses and riders off-site.

From your first enquiry we will do our utmost to put you at ease and provide a top class, personalised service. Following your initial enquiry, you will be sent an Information Pack, detailing prices, booking process and the training package that best suits you and your horses’ needs. It also gives you the chance to liaise with us to make sure we have all the information in order to make your horses’ training a success.

Your horse’s care is our priority. From the moment of arrival they will be in skilled hands and receive top class care and “TLC”! We accommodate each horses’ individual requirements and work closely with our network of Associate Equestrian Professionals to provide a complete care package. We endeavor to work closely with owners and riders with regular updates and viewing sessions throughout your horses stay and handover lessons at the end of your horse’s training are seen as instrumental to the partnership’s future success.  We also run regular clinics and camps that you can participate in and of course there is Jason’s online programme, Your Horsemanship that you can join which will prepare you for training and support you afterwards.