Horse Starting Course

This is the perfect solution for those who wants to be involved in starting their young horse under saddle, or to learn how to break a horse in, but perhaps lack the skills, knowledge or facilities to undertake this vital stage in their horse’s training on their own. You are not expected to do the first ride however you can be part of all the work leading up to it and have a hands on approach to your horses starting!  You can pick and chose what you would like to do with your horse as participants are able to undertake or watch each stage of the process, using specialist equipment and facilities safe in the knowledge that Jason and the team are on hand to give your horse the best start to their ridden career.  To accompany this course Jason strongly recommends you join his Your Horsemanship online programme so that you have support leading up to and after your course.  See Your Horsemanship

This horse starting course is highly individual and the dates, duration and timings can be arranged as required. We welcome individuals or pairs to take the course and we are happy to arrange local accommodation for those living further away.