After understanding how important it was to give horses time to understand what is being asked of them and time to reflect on that learning, I realized my management style did not allow my team the time to complete their work to the best of their ability as I was always putting them under pressure

Sainsbury’s delegate

Corporate Leadership and Management Training

We offer management training, leadership workshops and team building to businesses. Working with horses is a powerful way of helping delegates think more intuitively about getting the best out of their teams and how to be authentic leaders. Activities are designed to provoke thought about how they can become better leaders and managers of their work teams and how to incorporate team building into the daily work. Many delegates experience profound learning about themselves and the work environment they create.

Jason has also delivered management training days, leadership workshops and team building days to companies such as Sainsbury’s. He often delivers these corporate training days alongside top Performance Psychologist, Charlie Unwin and Lane4 Management Consultancy.

Corporate training days are offered at Australian Horsemanship or at alternative venues with the necessary facilities and can cater for any number of delegates. Each day is devised according the requirements and outcomes of the company and as such, the content varies each time. The areas they have in common are time spent learning how to be a calm, consistent and decisive leader through working directly with the horses and being able to learn through watching Jason working with Diesel. Home produced lunches and refreshments are also on offer throughout the day.