We are passionate about giving young horses the best start to their ridden careers and dedicated to solving behavioural and ridden problems. Our mission is to produce confident, versatile and happy horses and empower riders of all levels and aspirations, from those wanting a safe hack to competition riders exceling in a range of disciplines

Jason Webb, Australian Horsemanship

Here at Australian Horsemanship, we offer a range of services to help you get the most from your horse and overcome any challenges you may be facing.

Residential Horse Training

Rider Training

(on-site and off-site)

Off-site horse training

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  • Behavioural and ridden problems
  • Private Lessons
Leadership and management development training days are run by Australian Horsemanship in association with Charlie Unwin, performance psychologist, and Lane4. Jason has taught highly successful and though-provoking corporate training days with multinational organisations such as Sainsbury’s, Land Rover- Jaguar and USB Bank.
We sell the products we believe in and use on a daily basis here on our yard and in our daily training. They are available to buy online in the Australian Horsemanship Shop or on the yard. So whether you choose the outstanding facilities and care at Australian Horsemanship or prefer to work with us at your home or yard, we will always strive to help you and your horse develop a successful and trusting partnership.